The general idea.

  Never liked the word "oldster." But nowadays, it's not so bad. I earned it with years and years of life experiences. Without leaning this into any one side, sad truly out did happy. Pain and suffering seems more in command of life than good feelings and happiness. But the very worst is when we find out later, that we have been deceived. This world we learned, is full of deceit in call kinds of venues and for all kinds of reasons. The worst are the ones propagated by people who are genuinely convinced that they are doing a good thing. Ultimately, fakobakos. So I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have a place where mature adults can discuss issues that affect us, possibly ask for help in understanding a problem, maybe help resolve an issue with like minded people of some life experience. If it's fakobako, we want to be able to point it out, one way or the other. No kids, no trolls, no sales people, no gimmicks, just plain old facts and truth and adult conversation. No sex, drugs or rock ‘n roll here, there are millions of places already for all of that. This site, fakobako is a gentle reserve.

  Here we have a forum to start conversations, receive responses and to make life a little easier, we also have a curated list of articles on important subjects, listing of worthy travel places, solidly useful merchandise (stuff), reference material related to money, and useful, no nonsense quick links.

If it's fakobako, good or bad, you'll know it.


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