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Many years ago, my oldest daughter used to like Bacon Bits. Those were small crumbs of bacon in a jar, usually used as a salad topping or food additive. She used to eat them straight, hand to mouth right out of the jar. Real Bacon Bits, the brand, was expensive. So we started buying her generic bacon bits. She called them fako bakos. Just as good, well almost, but not the real thing. Come to think of it, they probably weren't even real bacon. You get used to it. Over time we started to use that term on anything that wasn't the original, but a copy. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. How you said fakobako, with that certain inflection , fakobako, told you that right away it was good or not so good.

We all live in a world that is now, for the most part, fakobako. Admit it or not, its a crap fest out there. It seem like up is down, down is up. The sky is brown and the sun is green. Right is wrong, tradition is bad, traditional morals are non existent, etc., etc. and etc. At my age, after years of watching crazy trying to become the norm, fakobako is now literally everywhere. Your choices are to accept it, or try to fight it, or just try to hide. In terms of existential reality you can choose to drink the kool aid, get ready for the fights of your life, destruction and all the misery that comes with it or withdraw from life, from the world, and suffer it out. It is hard to hold your head up high everyday when the choices are so limited. Speaking as an aged, married, heterosexual male who is just trying to live a life of quiet desperation, raise a small family, having done his best at duty for God and country, until sweet death finally closes this chapter and shelves the book, it's enough. I know this is not everyone.

My experiences, I am pretty sure, are not unique. My life experiences, at least some of them, cross gender barriers, age barriers, even heterosexual barriers. There are females who are having similar journeys, only to get to this place where they question what the hell happened. And I am certain, there are individuals out there with societal and sexual issues that have made their lives a painful horror show. Your life became some version of fakobako. Would it not be nice to have a safe place, where your voice is hear, your questions get serious consideration and feedback and your anecdotal observations are respected and perhaps in some way even appreciated.

So I thought, it would be nice to a small space, a tiny oasis, where things are easy and cool. No judgement, no pressure, no screaming in your face, no changing normal to not normal, no forcing you to agree and accept what you know can't be so, no pressure to conform. Mellow, yet truthful and possibly even useful. I know, I know, my age put me in this mood. But I know one thing, I am not alone in feeling this way.

Fakobako.com is for "us." Intelligent, savy people of a certain age and life experience where they can say, "I've seen this before." I Don't like it, didn't care for it that time, don't care for it now. Stupid is as stupid does. At fakobako.com you can post opinions, discuss important subjects, ask questions about what really matters, expect questions to hopefully get some positive suggestions to life's real issues from people living this life at this time.

I am not the only one who has fantasized about conversations on real, important, subjects with people we held in high respect. Even if it was just in our imagination. That conversation with Hemingway about the importance of life experience and the life regrets at a later age. The conversation with Jesus, Buddha, Abraham or your choice of a valued religious person about the value of our life, our soul and the meaning of it all. We all know that isn't possible. But the next best thing could be here. It could be comforting, for intelligent and sensitive human beings to gather and offer helpful discussion, wizened opinion and possibly useful suggestion based on years of life experience, to any one of us.



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